• Get More Done in Less Time!

    Get More Done in Less Time!

    Are you or your organization continually expected to get more done with less time, money, and human capital? This is the exact problem that Sunjay Nath has addressed with hundreds of thousands of people across the world since 1995. His approach is routed in a strength-based approach to leadership that helps improve performance and allow individuals and corporations to get more done with less.

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    Corporate Programs

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    Student Programming

    Are you looking for the Best Speaker to Inspire, Motivate and Entertain your student audience? A former Student Leader and Author on the subject, Sunjay Nath brings almost two decades years of experience of connecting with the youth of the world with him to your event!

    Join the hundreds of thousands of youth that have been transformed by Sunjay’s inspirational and timely messages.

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Thoughts from a Motivational Speaker

  • Weekly Tip for April 14, 2015; “Get what you want”
    If you genuinely want something, there is ALWAYS a way to get it. Sometimes it will require that you be creative and at other times it will require you to make huge sacrifices, but your desires should ALWAYS be attainable. My core belief about human beings is that we are extremely powerful and if we […]
  • Weekly Tip for April 7 2015; “Train your internal clock”
    Did you know that you can quite easily train your body not to need an alarm clock to wake up? Try it. One night as you are going to bed, pick a time that you want your body to wake the next morning. You may need to play a little head game with yourself and […]
  • Weekly Tip for March 31, 2015; “Set a positive example”
    Model the behavior that you want people to emulate. Although we influence people, we cannot make anyone do or not do anything. My experience shows me that the best way to get people to act in a certain way is to model the behavior you want to see in those people. Setting a positive example […]

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