• Get More Done in Less Time!

    Get More Done in Less Time!

    Are you or your organization continually expected to get more done with less time, money, and human capital? This is the exact problem that Sunjay Nath has addressed with hundreds of thousands of people across the world since 1995. His approach is routed in a strength-based approach to leadership that helps improve performance and allow individuals and corporations to get more done with less.

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    Corporate Programs

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    Student Programming

    Are you looking for the Best Speaker to Inspire, Motivate and Entertain your student audience? A former Student Leader and Author on the subject, Sunjay Nath brings almost two decades years of experience of connecting with the youth of the world with him to your event!

    Join the hundreds of thousands of youth that have been transformed by Sunjay’s inspirational and timely messages.

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Thoughts from a Motivational Speaker

  • Randomness from a Keynote Speaker
    “Fix the problem, not the blame.” A teacher once told me that and it really resonated with me. So often when there is a problem we spend precious time and energy wondering who is at fault. If we spent just a fraction of that blame-time on actually solving the problem, we would have less problems […]
  • Weekly Tip for June 7th, 2012: “Get a Hobby!”
    Get a hobby.  Hobbies are great physical and emotional outlets that allow you to release stress.  They also allow you a way to express yourself in a creative manner.  What you do as a hobby isn’t nearly as important as how you do it.  A hobby is something that you truly enjoy and are completely […]

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